Monthly review 03/2020

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What a month. We don't want to talk great about the corona pandemic, but it hit us all hard, professionally and privately. In advance we would like to say that we are all healthy and cheerful at emoose. All employees adhere to the precautionary measures that have been decided and we take all of them into account. Thanks to the whole team.

Increasing number of orders and customers

March presented us with unprecedented tasks this month. While the number of orders has dropped for many of our customers, others have shot through the roof. We have been doing more than in the Christmas business for 2 weeks. In addition, we receive daily inquiries from shop owners who want to outsource their fulfillment or want to switch from Amazon FBA to FBM because Amazon orders and products have been prioritized since the crisis and even Amazon Prime orders have a delivery time of up to one month. In this way, we were able to win 3 new fulfillment customers in the last week alone.

Order numbers with DHL tracking number

Despite the challenges, we have a new feature in our Fulfillment statistics built-in. From now on you can have a look at the order including the DHL parcel number, either per defined period or directly by searching the order number. The package number is linked and leads you directly to the shipment tracking.

Inventory in statistics

Not all of our customers have a shop where the inventory can be synchronized in real time, so this can now also be accessed via the statistics. When the corresponding page is opened, the inventory from the last visit is displayed. The inventory is updated using the "Get inventory" button. This process can take some time, depending on the number of items.

We wish all of our customers good health.

By the way, emoose is celebrating its 6th birthday today. We look forward to many more exciting years.

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