Monthly review 02/2020

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February is actually always one of the quieter months in the fulfillment year, at least when you look at the past few years. The Christmas stress is over, the returns are processed in January and then it is the Fastnacht, where many potential buyers are on vacation again or partying. At least that's how we imagined it, but as always it turned out very differently than expected.

Some of our fulfillment customers sell dietary supplements and they had a real boom in February, but that started before the whole staged panic about Corona spread. Our customer in the field of fitness clothing also received a decent order volume in February, apparently the good intentions last longer than four weeks this year.

In the area of fulfillment software, we had no noteworthy developments in February, apart from a few optimizations, the software was also very stable and, despite the month having only 29 days, was able to set a new order and package record. We are very happy about the fact that over 90% of our fulfillment customers do not get any goods from China and therefore there are no delivery bottlenecks and we therefore do not suffer from it.

There was also a premiere in February, for the first time in the history of emoose GmbH we had an intern who completed a school education as a businessman in eCommerce. With us, he can get to know all the areas of responsibility that he has to go through as part of his internship and contribute or deepen the knowledge he has already gained. After 4 weeks, he still enjoys working here.

With this in mind, we wish everyone good business in March.


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