Security and SEO for WordPress and WooCommerce

We offer you a service for security and search engine optimization for your WordPress website or your WooCommerce shop. If interested contact us.

€ 129.00 / year 1 per domain

Term 12 months, automatic renewal for a further 12 months, can be terminated on both sides monthly, at the latest one month before expiry, all prices are net plus VAT.

The following services are included:

Protection against hacker attacks, regular system updates and constant backup copies

The WordPress content management system of your website is the most used system worldwide with a market share of 28 %. Unfortunately, criminals also try to attack such widespread systems and install spam and malware. We protect your system from hacker attacks with various security mechanisms and make it secure.

WordPress itself and the additional modules installed on your page receive updates at regular intervals due to optimizations of the application and security. We regularly check for updates and install them and then check your website for functionality.

There are statistics to prove that about 15% of all system failures result from hardware problems. The majority, 85%, are based on software and user errors. And damage caused by such a total failure can be very expensive. In addition, there is a time-out of the website. Customers cannot be served and there is a loss of sales. It is therefore advisable to perform a complete backup (complete database and file backup) of the installation on a regular basis.


  • Immediate installation and setup of a backup service
  • Daily backup of the database and files on external servers - 90 days of backup history
  • Weekly updates of WordPress, themes and plugins
  • Weekly database optimization for faster loading times
  • Weekly scan of the website for malicious files
  • Short-term installation of a backup after a system failure
  • Monthly update report

Link monitor

Link Monitor is an internal and external link checker for posts and pages on your website. We check your entire page for unresponsive or incorrect links every week.

But why is that so important?
Broken links can have a negative impact on the position of your website in Google search results. It is advisable to always check these links before they can possibly become an SEO problem. Since website crawlers, like others use Google, use links to crawl and index your website, any broken link can result in parts of your website not being searched by search engines and ultimately unable to be indexed.
Not to mention that your visitors also expect these links to work. If the link stops working and redirects to an error page, it automatically leads to a bad user experience.


  • weekly check of the links
  • Adjustments of the links with changed URLs
  • Removal of the link if the URL no longer exists
  • Monthly update report

SEO ranking

You no longer have to search, monitor and record the positions of your keywords in Google yourself. With our SEO ranking tool we summarize all the important key figures for your website. Not only that, but we also show you your most important competitors, the development of the keyword positions and the whole for up to 100 keywords.


  • weekly check of keyword positions in Google
  • Competitor analysis
  • Monthly update report