Our service for Amazon retailers: Seller Fulfilled Prime

Merchants have two options for their fulfillment on Amazon: You can choose FBM = Fulfillment by Merchant and FBA = Fulfillment by Amazon. With Fulfillment by Merchant, the merchant sends his goods himself, with FBA Amazon does this. This is more suitable if the retailer sells a high volume, because he can access the Europe-wide Amazon infrastructure from logistics, storage rooms and shipping. FBM is more suitable for custom-made products, niche products and unique items with small volumes.

Strict Amazon guidelines

The online giant has strict requirements if a dealer does not participate in the FBA program. These serve to provide buyers with a consistent shopping experience. If a retailer is unable to meet these requirements, their Amazon account may be blocked. The performance goals that can be achieved after a certain time are:

  • less than 1.0 % order defects
  • less than 2.5 % cancellation rate before fulfillment
  • less than 4.0 % late deliveries

In the case of premium shipping, different, even stricter requirements apply. Merchants are only admitted to premium shipping under the following conditions:

  • Sales have been on the seller's account for a minimum of 90 days.
  • A minimum of 10 orders were processed in the last month (all shipping methods).
  • At least 94 % of the shipments can be tracked. The logistics partners are DPD, FedEx, DHL and UPS.

The seller's performance is measured based on the rate of order deficiencies, negative reviews and the necessary refunds to a credit card. These conditions mean: Prime by seller is not so easy to achieve.

What does Prime bring through sellers?

The Prime program increases sales. When products are labeled as “prime items”, this is often a purchase criterion for customers. As part of the Fulfillment by Merchant, retailers can also test the program “Prime by MerchantApply. If the test has been successfully passed, you can advertise with "Prime products". There are also high demands on this test phase. At least 50 Prime test orders must be processed perfectly. The test phase can last between five and 90 days. Prime by seller is definitely worth it.

How does Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) help you?

If you're an Amazon retailer targeting Prime customers, we can help you with SFP. In this case we organize your fulfillment or the shipping service. Do not forego this advantage: The average shopping basket of Prime customers is twice as large as that of ordinary customers. You do not have to choose the FBA program for the shipping service under prime conditions. It works just as well with Seller Fulfilled Prime.

What are the advantages of SFP over FBA?

At the FBA, the Amazon platform takes over the entire logistics process from storage in its own Amazon warehouse to shipping service. At Seller Fulfilled Prime you should take care of it yourself, but we will take over this service for you. If you Multichannel-Operating sales is an advantage anyway, but it also saves you costs. Amazon storage costs increase with the duration of products remaining in the warehouse - sometimes so much that retailers are forced to destroy new goods in order to avoid these costs. Such cases have already gone through the media. With our SFP service you avoid this cost trap, because we store your products. We keep our Prime delivery promise (one working day). We also manage your returns, which means you can control them more closely than with FBA shipping. This does not result in a cost disadvantage for you, you bear this in both cases (with the FBA and SFP programs). You must also be qualified for the SFP program as an Amazon Prime dealer. We support you with this qualification in a test phase (see above). You benefit from our expertise. We know the Amazon conditions very well and now offer the SFP service to a large number of customers, so that you can operate with us much more safely than on your own.

We look forward to yours inquiry!

Fulfillment prices and conditions

We offer standardized processes for almost every shop. We can also respond to the wishes of individual customers. We have summarized our current fulfillment conditions and services in an overview