Do you sell as a dealer on Amazon? Use our Pre-FBA service for significantly cheaper structures. It is aimed at all retailers who have previously used Fulfillment by Amazon.

How does pre-FBA work?

We, emoose GmbH, store your products (pre) before they are sold, which saves you the expensive and, over time, increasing costs in an Amazon warehouse. This reduces your costs for logistics. More and more retailers are making use of this service, who have noticed that not only can Fulfillment by Amazon itself be quite expensive, but that there is a huge cost trap for products that have not been sold for a long time: The online retailer's storage costs then rise more and more and finally reach astronomical heights. That is the reason why, in the worst case, even new goods are destroyed just so that they can no longer be stored in an expensive Amazon warehouse. Such cases made the media in 2019 and sparked a public outcry. However, it has been a common practice for many years. This won't happen to you with our service. Of course, the delivery speed is retained. You send your products to us or have them sent to us by the manufacturer, we store them safely and, if requested, take over other logistical services such as labeling. Of course, we will then send the goods directly to Amazon at short notice using the shipping labels provided by you or Amazon.

To the FBA program: Fulfillment at Amazon

FBA is a Amazon program, where retailers have their articles sent directly by the online giant. It is known that its logistics are very well developed, which makes this offer possible as a fulfillment service provider. He makes his warehouses available, packs, labels and sends the parcels and also handles the returns. This includes a very well developed infrastructure from which the dealers benefit. For small traders, the FBA is valuable at first, so that they can grow very quickly. The experienced logistics partner with its good performance enables international sales even from a standing start. However, FBA has disadvantages: It does not work individually, which significantly weakens the unique selling propositions of companies. The packaging comes with the Amazon CI, individual fulfillment services are also hardly offered. Last but not least, it is the high storage costs that can ruin a retailer if a product does not sell immediately.

The solution: Pre-FBA

With our pre-FBA solution we can implement any fulfillment scenario for you. This affects the warehouse, logistics and of course also sub-areas such as labeling. You make yourself independent of Fulfillment by Amazon, lower your costs and do not have to go through all the conditions that are not always cheap for Amazon retailers. With regard to storage, we can offer you short and long-term solutions. Your advantages at a glance:

  • Lower costs including avoiding cost traps with long-term Amazon storage
  • flexible offer without minimum quantities or fixed contract terms
  • Labeling and many other additional services possible
  • Transparency and high reliability
  • professional acceptance of goods, not necessarily an appointment
  • healthy, organic growth of your company without the constraint of own storage capacities and additional employees
  • no hidden fees

Our offer to you is individual and scalable. The services include the visual inspection of your products, which is particularly important in online trading. In this way we ensure that your products reach the customer undamaged. At your request, the visual inspection includes inspection photos.

What else is important for pre-FBA services?

We will replace damaged packaging for you. Small and sometimes larger damages occur on transport routes, which can result from the transport itself and from less than optimal packaging. Decide for yourself where an exchange is necessary and what can be considered tolerable! If you wish, we will include your packaging flyer with advertising, discount codes or competitions. Product sheets (product information) are also in great demand. We even put together cheap bundles for you.

Take with us Contact to learn more about the possible pre-FBA services!

Fulfillment prices and conditions

We offer standardized processes for almost every shop. We can also respond to the wishes of individual customers. We have summarized our current fulfillment conditions and services in an overview