Recommend and earn money

You are satisfied with our fulfillment services, then recommend us! We have an affiliate program where you earn € 0.02 per package sent from each advertised customer for one year. In addition, you will receive a one-time final award of € 50.00.

The mediation works very easily without technical effort or registration. You convince another shop operator and if he fits into our portfolio and agrees with our services and conditions, then he enters your name as an advertiser in the fulfillment agreement. That’s it. 

Sample calculation

If we send 500 packages for your referred customer in the first month, you will receive 500 x 0.02 € = 10.00 € plus 50.00 one-time final bonus.


You simply get the commission with your weekly or monthly fulfillment statement as a credit for the respective accounting period. So you lower your fulfillment fees.
If you mediate several customers, they will also be listed individually in the billing. The payment is not tied to minimum sales.


You can easily inform your business partners, friends or acquaintances here by email: Invite now!


Participation in the partner program is of course completely free of charge and without any risks. The term is 1 year and ends automatically. The commissions only apply to new customers from June 24th, 2020.