Monthly review 12/2019 and annual review 2019

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The month of December is always the most stressful month of the year for shipping companies like us. Hardly surprising, because online trading has only had one direction for years, and that is a steep upward trend. So we also packed numerous orders before saying goodbye to the well-deserved Christmas holidays. With today's post, we not only want to review the month of December, but also the whole of 2019.

The December

Let's summarize the month in three words: packages, packages, packages. There was hardly any time left to deal with other things, so we have nothing worth mentioning here.

The year 2019

In 2019 we set the course for the future, from 2020 we will fully concentrate on our core business, fulfillment. We have been able to win numerous new fulfillment customers and have optimized our software and our processes so that we can draw a very positive balance.

If we still sent approx.20,000 packages in 2018, we could triple the amount in 2019 and come to approx.61,000 packages with approx.230,000 packaged items and a sales volume of approx.4.3 million euros. This is an enormous growth that every fulfillment provider would certainly like to see, but we don't want to repeat that in 2020 and plan with around 100,000 packages. Because for years we have set ourselves the goal of steady but moderate growth in order to offer a high level of quality and also have room for optimization and innovation. At this point we would like to thank our new and long-standing customers for their loyalty and good cooperation.

As already mentioned above, in the future we only want to concentrate on the subject of fulfillment. Emoose started in 2014 as a service provider for web design and online marketing. This business area has gradually lost importance so that we will no longer focus on it in the future. Of course, existing customers will continue to be served, but we will no longer accept new customers.

Personnel has also done a lot this year at emoose. Employees came and went, but we are very happy that the base of the employees who “throw” the whole company is still on board. Thank you for that too.

In conclusion, we can only say that we are happy and also a little proud to have had such a good year. We look forward to future cooperation with our customers and business partners, new contacts and many new projects and challenges. Who knows what 2020 has in store for our emoose team. In any case, we will keep you up to date.

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