Monthly review 10/2020

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The year-end spurt has taken a lot of path, now it is only 2 months and then the year 2020 will go down in history. In addition to the planning for the Christmas business, we introduced the following adjustments and innovations this month:

DHL GoGreen free of charge for all fulfillment customers

Previously you could book this service for a low monthly fee, now it is free for all customers.

The future belongs to companies that are actively involved in climate protection. We therefore use the GoGreen shipping service and support climate protection projects to offset emissions. Our customers are also welcome to advertise with them and with the GoGreen means of communication Send a clear signal for environmental protection in every customer communication or on the web.

Make an appointment online

Appointments for new and existing customers on all aspects of fulfillment, packaging, storage, shops, marketplaces, social media, online marketing and strategies. You are welcome to visit our website request an appointment for a phone call or video conference.

Duration of fulfillment cooperation

We have decided to shorten the notice period for the cooperation from 3 months to one month with immediate effect.

Create return labels yourself

Our fulfillment customers can now quickly and easily generate a return label online for an order that has already been sent. The time-consuming emailing for return labels is now over. Via the customer area under there is now the navigation point "return label". There you simply enter the order number, enter a reason for the return and that's it. The label is generated automatically based on the customer data and can be downloaded directly.

Successful product marketing

We are offering a new service. We can the Product marketing for fulfillment customers. This service is primarily intended for customers who were previously only active in the B2B area and now also want to work in the B2C area, but have no experience. We sell the products in our own shop and on marketplaces.

Adjustments to Amazon customer communication

At the beginning of November, new guidelines for customer communication apply at Amazon. We have already implemented this. Among other things, you are no longer allowed to send the invoices by email. In general, we have already uploaded the invoices to Amazon so that the customer can see them when ordering, as well as the package number. From now on, customers will only receive a shipping confirmation.

In this sense. Stay healthy!

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