Monthly review 07/2020

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July stands for vacation, this year for many people quite differently than planned. In eCommerce, July often also stands for the well-known summer slump. As a shipping service provider, we pack an average of 30% less than the annual average. But here is the monthly review for July, even if there is not much to report.

How do you best use your time when there is less to do, you go on vacation yourself or, as in our case, analyze and optimize internal processes. In July, for example, we introduced a new quality system with the aim of ensuring consistent product and service quality and easier detection, traceability and elimination of sources of error. The first effects will appear shortly and ensure more customer satisfaction in the long term.

In July, we also optimized the warehouse management for bundle products. Many of our customers also sell individual items as a set. That's generally not a challenge when working with parts lists. The challenge here is the correct booking of the inventory and the packaging and shipping of the correct quantity. We have also optimized this in the course of the quality system. But this also means for online retailers who sell bundle products that we have to create these sets in our system in advance. So please do not create it in the shop and sell it immediately before it is set up in our shop. Here is the information we need:

  • Name of the bundle product
  • SKU / EAN of the bundle product
  • Quantity and SKU / EAN of the parts list items

The bundle products are also shown in the fulfillment statistics under the menu item Parts lists displayed

Last but not least, we have now also gone under the gardeners. No, kidding aside. We plant a tree for every Google rating. We would be happy if you could also leave a rating. More information on this page:

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