Our service: assembly & contract packaging

We can also offer you contract packaging as a shipping service provider. This service brings you many advantages.

What does contract packaging mean?

This packing service includes assembly, fine picking, outer packaging, assembly and labeling. Transporting the products depends on their protection and proper storage. The assembly of the products is their division and division into transportable and storable pieces and units. In our or your special case, the packaging of small parts is usually part of it. But the execution of a certain type of packaging such as bundle, roll, tape & reel, blister or box is also part of the assembly. The picking and fine picking then bring the products from the warehouse to the sales state. All web shop logistics are based on this. An attractive sales packaging informs customers and motivates them to buy. To do this, these criteria must be met:

  • convincing optical design
  • Product information on the packaging
  • Manufacturer information
  • Sustainability information

When assembling, large industrial containers are often decanted into sales and consumer-friendly small quantities. We can also create sets with individual packaging from several components. Among other things, this reduces transport and storage costs through reduced volumes.

Advantages through our packing service

Our co-packing is an important part of the production chain. The impact on logistics and marketing is enormous. You save time and money by outsourcing these activities and benefit from our know-how. Our qualified employees ensure that your goods arrive in the right packaging at the right place at the right time. As you know, products with their packaging go a long way from the manufacturer through transport and storage to retail and the end user. In this way, packaging and load carriers play a very important role. As is well known, the demands on logistics have increased due to e-commerce. We face up to these requirements and relieve you of labor-intensive work that, among other things, requires storage capacity, equipment and trained staff. This is the only way to efficiently carry out physical distribution, storage, inventory management, all packaging processes and transportation. With our service we proceed individually according to your requirements.

Packaging outsourcing: added value for your company

We implement the packaging, labeling, packaging and picking of your products without errors and in accordance with quality. You lower your fixed costs: You do not need any additional machines, personnel including personnel training costs, operating resources and work rooms. This enables you to focus on your core business. You can rely on our fastest possible order processing. You determine the number of pieces according to your needs. Our packing service works for small quantities as well as for large orders. Personnel bottlenecks for packing work are no problem for you. In addition, you optimize the insert of advertising material that we would be happy to take on for you. You can rely on the perfect labeling of your packaging. We apply your logo and mark your material. Your products are given an individual layout that allows you to stand out significantly from your competitors. You present your products and brands with high-quality labels: this determines the quality expectations of your customers. They first see the product in its packaging.

High quality services when packaging the products

Not only exact labels, but also other services make our service so valuable for you. We are experts in high-quality packaging solutions. This enables us to design innovative, sales-promoting packaging that is fully effective at the POS. We are happy to support branded goods manufacturers and retailers with seasonal marketing campaigns such as Christmas, Easter or Mother's Day. We implement your and our packaging ideas professionally. We also take up the latest trends in product presentation.

Get in touch us happy! We are your optimal partner for packaging!

Fulfillment prices and conditions

We offer standardized processes for almost every shop. We can also respond to the wishes of individual customers. We have summarized our current fulfillment conditions and services in an overview