"Greenmoose" initiative for more environmental protection and sustainability

The future belongs to companies that are actively involved in climate protection. We too want to make our daily activities to protect the environment sustainable.

We have therefore launched a number of measures for sustainable logistics processes that are primarily beneficial for the environment, but also leave a good impression on your customers.

  • From mid-2020, we will be shipping climate-neutral in Germany DHL GoGreen.
  • Our Shipping boxes are made from recycled material, plastic-free and environmentally friendly.
  • As filling material We use shredded cardboard boxes that we have produced ourselves for our shipments. At the same time, however, we also use recycled packaging paper, which has been awarded the blue angel for particularly environmentally friendly products.
  • From June 2021 we will completely dispense with plastic adhesive tape. We then just touch up Paper tape, even when shipping fragile goods. The paper tape can easily be disposed of together with the box.
  • After we have used up our remaining stocks, we will also be up from around June 2021 Document pockets and Delivery note pockets fall back on 100 % paper. The document pouches can also be disposed of together with the box without any problems.
  • In our Shelving racks We do not use plastic containers and only use recyclable cardboard boxes. Once these are defective, they become filler material.

With all previous measures and those that will follow in the future, our customers do not incur any additional costs.

And as is well known, the best comes at the end:

As a thank you for your rating, we are planting a tree in Mexico in cooperation with ReviewForest.