Here you will find a list of all relevant questions and answers about fulfillment.


What is the procedure if I want to become a fulfillment customer?

We would be happy to welcome you as a fulfillment customer.

Our fulfillment agreement can be completed online, we will be happy to send it to you on request. This brief agreement lists the rights and obligations of both parties. You only have to enter and send your customer data.

You will then receive an email with the next steps. The attachment also includes the fulfillment agreement including the contract for the processing of personal data for fulfillment (GDPR), as well as the currently applicable fulfillment conditions.

Please go through the points listed in the mail and send us the corresponding information. We will then start setting up the fulfillment.

What is the contract term and the notice period?

The cooperation is not tied to any contractual periods. Both parties can cancel at any time with 3 months' notice.

Is there a minimum goods turnover or volume discounts?

We have no minimum order quantities. Of course we can offer you more favorable conditions for larger goods handling (> 5000 orders per month).

Which shop systems and marketplaces are supported?

Shop systems: Avocadostore,, Bigcartel, commerce: SEO, ePages, ECWID, Gambio, Gambio GX3, interAKTIVnet, Inventorum, Jimdo, Magento, opencart, Oxid, PayPal, PrestaShop, SEOshop / Lightspeed, serverspot, Shopware 4 & 5, Shopify , VersaCommerce, WooCommerce, xtCommerce,, 1und1 (old)

Market places: Amazon, ebay, ECWID, Etsy, Hood, idealo, Not on the highstreet, Rakuten, yatego,, Wish, Sugartrends, selekkt, Kasuwa, Cdiscount

How quickly can the fulfillment be set up?

If you already have your own online shop or sell on a marketplace, the fulfillment service can be set up in two to three days after all the details have been clarified.

What item information is needed?

When we connect to your shop system or marketplace, we also retrieve the item information for published products. Products that are not public or in draft mode cannot be accessed.

We need the following item information to process orders:

  • Article number or EAN
  • Gross price
  • Net price
  • tax rate
  • Weight
  • Product name

We can also offer an Excel list as a template if your shop system does not provide this information.

If you publish new items in your shop system, please notify us so that we can import them into our software.

Could you also assemble bundle products / product sets?

Yes, we can do that too. Such articles generally order several individual articles. So that these are correctly booked in the warehouse management and also packaged in the correct quantity, we have to set up such bundle products in our system beforehand. 

Before publication or sale, we need a list of the following item information

  • Name of the bundle product
  • SKU / EAN of the bundle product
  • Quantity and SKU / EAN of the parts list items 
Can we make flexible arrangements?

We offer standardized processes for almost every shop. But we are also happy to respond flexibly to your wishes and find the right solution for your business.

How are the services billed?

All orders are saved in our fulfillment software. With our online statistics, each fulfillment customer can access only their billing-related information in detail.

The access data to the online statistics will be sent to the fulfillment customer after completion of the fulfillment facility.

Here is an example of the statistics, click on it link.

Based on this data, invoicing takes place monthly and, in the case of high order volumes, weekly. The invoice amounts are debited from the account by direct debit within 7 days after the invoice is issued.

What is the personal customer folder?

Every customer with us has a personal online customer folder that only he has access to. We will send the link to this folder by email after the fulfillment has been set up.

The customer folder has several subdirectories with the following information:

  • Others
    • Fulfillment agreement
    • Contract for data processing
    • Fulfillment request
    • Fulfillment prices at the start of the collaboration
    • Access data (statistics, shop / marketplace /, mail delivery ...)
    • logo
  • Incoming goods
  • End customer bills (if desired)
Are there discounts from a certain amount?

Since the prices are already cheap we cannot offer any further discounts.

What is the process when end customer invoices are created by emoose?

As an additional service, we offer free invoicing for customer orders.

Based on the order information, an invoice is generated and placed in the package. The invoice is also sent to the end customer as an email with the tracking information.

At the same time, we save the invoice as a PDF in an online customer folder that you can access at any time. We also create a monthly DATEV export for your tax advisor.

Which accounting systems can be linked?

If the customer invoices are created by emoose, we can automatically send the receipts and sales to the following accounting systems:

  • SevDesk
  • Lexoffice
  • Fastbill
  • Debitoor
What do the invoices and delivery notes look like?

For each order we send, we print either a delivery note or an invoice, depending on the agreement with the fulfillment customer. We will then put this document in the package.

Every invoice and delivery note can be personalized to a certain extent. This means the layout can be adapted for:

  • Logo and / or background PDF
  • individual texts above and below the order items
  • Footer texts (address, contact details, bank details, tax information, management ...)

Here is an example of one invoice.

Here is an example of one Delivery note.

On request, we can add more PDFs to each document, such as terms and conditions or cancellation policy ...

How does the account call for prepayment payments work?

As an additional service, we offer a free daily account call from your bank. For this we connect with the access data provided by you and call up the incoming payments twice a day and automatically set the order to paid. Then we pack and send the order.

Where are all documents saved?

For each fulfillment customer, we create an online folder that only emoose employees have access to and the fulfillment customer has reading rights.

There are various subfolders in this folder, for example:

  • Contractual (fulfillment agreement, SEPA direct debit mandate)
  • Goods receipts (all documented goods receipts)
  • Invoices (here, if desired, the end customer bills are saved and the monthly DATEV export)
  • Other (instructions, templates, access data ...)

Every fulfillment customer receives the link to the customer folder after completing the fulfillment setup.

Can I come to visit you?

If you wish, you can visit our warehouse and have a look at what is going on with us.

What do I have to consider with data protection?

When working with us, we recommend adding the following notice in the data protection declaration. However, we assume no responsibility for legal completeness.

Use of special service providers for order processing and processing
The order is processed by the shipping service provider "emoose" (emoose GmbH, Heinrich-Barth-Strasse 15, 66115 Saarbrücken). Name, address and, if applicable, other personal data are stored in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. b GDPR only passed on to emoose for processing the online order. Your data will only be passed on to the extent that this is actually necessary for the processing of the order. Details on data protection at emoose and emoose's data protection declaration can be found on the emoose website under "“Visible.

Can you also create a web shop for me?

With WooCommerce, the most used shop system in the world, we create a web shop that is geared to your needs.

Do you also offer a customer hotline or customer support?

The provision of a hotline or email support is unfortunately not one of our services.

Can you support me in selling my products?

In addition to fulfillment, we can also support you with targeted online marketing and thus increase the traffic in your web shop. With search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, social media advertising and email marketing, we offer you effective and cost-effective additions to your classic marketing activities. Benefit from our many years of experience as an online retailer.

Can serial numbers be managed?

We can also dispose of the products professionally, the conditions per item correspond to those of a goods movement.


Can the products also be labeled?

Yes, we also offer the labeling service. The details are then discussed with the fulfillment partner.


Can products also be disposed of?

Yes, we can also dispose of products properly. The conditions correspond to those of a goods movement.

Do you also offer product photos?

Yes, we can also create product photos for fulfillment customers. All information is on this page.

Do you also offer PRE-FBA?

Yes, we can also offer all services related to PRE-FBA for Amazon sellers. All information is on this page.

What is the packaging law?

On January 1, 2019, the new Packaging Act 2019 (VerpackG) will replace the current Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV). The Packaging Act applies to all dealers who place packaging (including filling material) on the market filled with goods and end users. As a fulfillment service provider, we are not legally able to transfer the licenses for the dealers.

In our fulfillment statistics you can call up the number of transmissions. There we also list the weight of the shipping packaging, this information can then be used to report the quantity.


How are the orders retrieved?

Depending on the shop system, the order information is called up directly via the interface and transmitted back. Our fulfillment software connects to the shop every hour and calls up new orders and changes to the order status. We will then ship with a previously agreed order status. After shipping, we then report the order status to the shop shipped or completed.

Once an order has been imported, subsequent changes are no longer taken into account. The resetting of the order status from, for example, sent to in progress is also not taken into account. Once an order has been completed, it will not be checked again.

Can other orders be sent?

A JSON email import and direct connection via our API are possible.

We can also import orders manually, e.g. from an Excel spreadsheet.

What is the status of orders?

Depending on the shop system, the status is always different. In principle, orders are imported once shortly after the order is received and only the change in status is then checked.

As soon as an order has the status "paid", we take action and pack and send the order.

If a paid order cannot be sent due to a problem, e.g. with the address or availability, we will contact the dealer.

Orders that have been sent, completed or canceled once will no longer be considered by us.

What is the process from ordering to shipping?

We call orders every hour with all order information and the order status in the shop or the marketplace. Then we only check the order status, changes to the order information are no longer taken into account. These must then be communicated to us by email.

In general, we only send orders that have paid for the status.

After the order has been packed and shipped, we will send the new order status to the shop and, if possible, the package number. In parallel, we send the customer an email with the package number and, if requested, also the invoice.

Can I place test orders?

Everyone can make test orders in his shop. However, these should definitely be canceled shortly after receipt of the order, otherwise we will import them and if they have paid for the order status, we will also send them.

We cannot carry out a check whether it is a test order or a real order.

Are pre-orders possible?

The shop system should be set up so that we only receive the orders when the goods are actually available and can be shipped.

Can you create manual orders?

We can record manual orders, the effort for this will be charged according to our conditions.

We recommend our customers to record them in their own shop system, which saves time and money.


How are stocks checked?

We check the quantity of goods upon receipt and compare them with the delivery note. The inventory should then be carried out by the shop. Alternatively, we can also manage the stocks with our fulfillment software and send them to the shop, provided the interface allows this. On request, we can carry out regular inventories of the inventory.

How are the storage costs calculated?

The storage costs are calculated per parking space / pallet and month. Depending on the product range, several items can also be stored on one parking space, for example a T-shirt in green in sizes S-XL. In any case, the products are stored in a warehouse-optimized manner.

The billing of the storage locations is based on the number of the actually reserved quantity / area in the warehouse, either by parking space, pallet or shelf meter. If party 1 dissolves an article, so remove it from the program, a corresponding notice should follow, otherwise the reserved space will still be charged.

What are the dimensions for a parking space and a pallet?

Parking space: approx. W 25 cm * L 40 cm * H 40 cm
Pallet: W 80 cm * L 120 cm * H 150 cm max.

What needs to be considered when delivering goods?

The following points must be observed when delivering goods to emoose:

  • The dealer is responsible for the undamaged delivery of the goods.
  • The goods receiving times are on working days (Mon-Fri) from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Every delivery must be accompanied by a delivery note or an invoice listing the items and quantities.
  • All items must be clearly identifiable and can be assigned to the shop items. The article numbers as they are used in the shop must be listed on the delivery note or invoice. If products are delivered by third parties and have different names and article numbers, it is imperative to submit a delivery note with the shop and dealer article numbers for comparison.
  • Goods in cardboard boxes should be delivered sorted, in the case of mixed cardboard boxes, the contents must be labeled externally.
  • Products in sealable containers must be properly sealed.
  • Parcels must not weigh more than 30 kg and the max. Dimensions are 590x390x290 mm
  • Standard EUR pallets (120 × 80 cm) must not exceed a maximum height of 160 cm and a total weight of 1,000 kg. Only EURO pallets are ever exchanged. These must be in perfect condition on the outside and must not have any of the defects.
  • The products should have an EAN code, but it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Only duty-paid goods may be delivered.
  • It is not absolutely necessary to announce the shipment, but we recommend this in advance. Firstly, because of the planning, secondly to compare the number of parcels and pallets, thirdly, the goods receipt can be processed faster and fourthly, we can determine differences directly on delivery, which is no longer possible afterwards. The announcement should here respectively.

If the above-mentioned points are not observed, the additional effort will be charged and the processing of the incoming goods will be delayed by 2-3 days.

Notes on the delivery of organic products

  • A currently valid certification of a control body is available, this must be sent once as a PDF.
  • There is a currently valid organic certificate from the supplier, which must be sent once.
  • Organic products must be packed and sealed in accordance with Article 31 of Regulation (EC) 889/2008 in such a way that “the contents cannot be exchanged without manipulation or destruction of the seal / seal.
  • Organic products must be clearly identified on the delivery note or the invoice.
  • The name and / or code number of the inspection authority or inspection body must appear on the delivery note or invoice for each product.
  • The dealer is responsible for the legally correct labeling of the products and the designation in the shop.

The placing on the market or the offering and advertising of organic products without being certified as an online retailer by a control body itself constitutes a violation of Article 28 of the EC Organic Regulation that is subject to competition law and a warning. 

When delivering organic products, the incoming goods regulations for organic products must be observed. If this is not the case, we are legally obliged by the inspection bodies to block the goods receipt unannounced until clarification for an indefinite period.

How is inventory managed?

The inventory is managed exclusively via the emoose fulfillment software.

We post the stocks after receiving the goods. The stock is automatically adjusted for orders.

The stocks are automatically synchronized with the shop system, provided the shop system allows the dealer. The synchronization takes place in one direction only, manually adjusted stocks from the shop system by the retailer are not called up and overwritten during the next synchronization.

If the shop system is not able to synchronize the inventory, the dealer is responsible for maintaining the inventory.

What are the temperatures in the warehouse?

Our warehouse is not air-conditioned, but of course there is heating in winter. Depending on the outside temperature, it can sometimes reach 30 ° C and more in high summer. Of course it is also dry.

We have no possibility to store goods chilled or frozen.

What kind of goods can you store and ship?

Basically, we can store almost all products with us. Goods with an expiry date, no chilled items, no bottle shipping and no dangerous goods are excluded.

Please note that we can only store and send items that meet the following requirements:
Max. Dimensions: 590x390x290 mm
Max. Weight: 30 kg

In the case of fragile goods, they must already have certified, transport-safe packaging.

Can you store perishable goods with expiration dates?

We can store them, but there are a few things to consider here:

  1. Our warehouse is exposed to the seasonal temperatures, we have no cooling facilities.
  2. We do not keep a record of the best-before date of the goods, the dealer has to organize this himself
  3. We work on the principle of "first in - first out"
Are multiple warehouses possible?

If we are only to include part of the warehouse in our fulfillment, then this must also be set in the shop system so that we only receive the orders with items that are stored with us.

Do my items need a barcode?

A barcode is not absolutely necessary. However, each article must have a unique article number (SKU).

How quickly are incoming goods processed?

We process incoming goods within 72 hours. After external quantity and quality control, the warehouse booking and shop synchronization takes place.

What happens to poor incoming goods?

Defective goods receipts are noted accordingly on the proof of delivery of the carrier and this is pointed out. The shop operator can then decide how to handle the goods.

Shipping of goods

What exactly is an article called and billed?

Everything that is taken from the warehouse and is part of the order is called an article.

Of course, these are primarily the items the customer orders. These are billed according to the number ordered. If a customer orders 1 x Article A and 2 x Article B, 3 articles will be billed.
If a customer orders z. B. Set X, which consists of 3 x Article A, will be billed for 3 articles.

Everything that we should add to the package or stick to the package is also billed as an item. Let's print e.g. B. Customer information consisting of 2 x A4 pages and put this in the package, so 2 items will be billed.
If we put a provided flyer in the package, an article will also be billed. If we stick a sticker on the shipping packaging, an article will also be billed.

With which parcel service are the orders sent?

We ship with DHL. However, shipping via DPD is also possible. Freight carriers come to us every day and collect the shipments.

Can I have my parcel service contract sent?

We can also do this by arrangement. You simply use your own contract and we include your customer number in our system.

Do you also offer DHL GoGreen?

Yes, environmentally friendly shipping with DHL GoGreen is possible in Germany.

The future belongs to companies that are actively involved in climate protection. Therefore, use the GoGreen shipping service and support climate protection projects to offset emissions. With climate-neutral shipping, you not only make a contribution to climate protection, you also set a sustainable image and can with GoGreen means of communication Send a clear signal for environmental protection in every customer communication or on the web.

Which cardboard boxes are used?

We use double-walled cardboard boxes that are unbreakable and also use different filling materials.

We use poly bags for textiles.

We only offer bottle shipping in bottle-supplied packaging that has been certified by the dealer.

On request we can of course also use cardboard boxes with our own design and logo.

Can I brand my packages?

After consultation, it is possible to use your own packaging material or adhesive tape. Stickers or leaflets are also possible.

Is the address checked?

For addresses in Germany, DHL checks. If the street, town or postcode is incorrect, we will receive an error message.

If we can correct the error, for example by a Google search, we will send the order.

For addresses that cannot be coded for the master code, we send an email to our fulfillment customer requesting verification.

There is no check for addresses abroad.

Can I put flyers or goodies in the package?

After consultation and for an additional charge, it is possible to put additional flyers or goodies in the parcels.

Please note the information above "What exactly is an article called and billed?"

When are orders sent?

We process orders within 24 hours on working days. All orders received by 2 p.m. will be dispatched the same day. In exceptional cases, orders can be handed over to the parcel service within 48 hours of receipt. We ship every day from Monday to Friday until 2:30 p.m.

Which countries can we ship to?

We ship orders both in Germany and worldwide.

What shipping methods are available?

We reliably take care of the national and international mail and parcel delivery. Books and goods shipments are also possible.

Can you also offer Seller Fulfilled Prime and eBay Plus?

If you are registered as a dealer with Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), we can also process the orders for you. To do this, we connect your Amazon account to our fulfillment software and buy the DPD shipping labels directly from Amazon. From Monday to Friday, DPD comes to us daily at around 2:30 p.m. and picks up all orders.

eBay Plus is of course also possible. As usual we ship via DHL:

Is shipping insured?

When the parcel is handed over to the carrier, the transport insurance with a value of up to € 500 applies. Higher insurance is of course also possible.

Do I and my customer receive a tracking number?

Both you and your customer have the option of online parcel tracking and proof of delivery.

As a special service, we offer anonymized email forwarding to the parcel service provider. It is not the customer's real e-mail address that is passed on to the parcel service, but an individual and encrypted address. This solves the problem of forwarding data to the parcel service.

This is our standard mail, we are happy to adapt the message for every fulfillment customer. The information in brackets {} are placeholders and are filled with the corresponding order data.

Subject: Shipping confirmation of order {OrderRef} at {ShopName}

Hello {BuyerName},

The order from {OrderDate} at {ShopName} with order number {OrderRef} was just packed by our logistics partner emoose GmbH and made available for today's shipping by {ShippingProviderName}. A change is no longer possible.

The delivery address specified in the order is:


The delivery contains the following items:


{TrackingNumberAvailable} The shipment has the tracking number: {TrackingNumber}.
The status of the delivery can be determined on this status page: {TrackingLink}
{ShippingProviderName} picks up all shipments Monday through Friday at approximately 3 p.m. It can take a few hours for the status to update online. {/ TrackingNumberAvailable}

If you have any problems with delivery, please contact your dealer {ShopName}.

Best wishes

How are the email addresses passed on?

The end customer's email is encrypted. For example, becomes

If an email is sent from DHL to, it will automatically be forwarded to

An important function when it comes to data protection and the passing on of email.

Do you also offer customs clearance for shipping?

We take care of customs clearance up to a value of € 1,000.00. For this we need the following information for each article:

  • TARIC goods code
  • Gross weight including direct packaging and net weight
  • The country of manufacture of the product
  • Optionally a different article text for export
How quickly are the orders delivered?

In Germany within a day or two. The average duration of all our national broadcasts is currently 1.3 days. The delivery rate is 99.3%.

How is the return handling handled?

We process returns within 3 working days. We will report the return to you, check the articles superficially (no functional test), return them to the warehouse and book them. In the case of defective returns, we take care of the disposal. The prices of returns are charged separately plus any return costs that may be incurred by the carrier.

Any further questions?

If you need further information from us, please do not hesitate to contact us.