Warehousing, assembly and shipping from a single source! Provide us with your goods and products and we will do the rest! Our Fulfillment service includes all solutions for a smooth sale and shipment of your goods. The logistics and shipping department works reliably and on schedule and ensures that the goods arrive on time at the recipient, of course worldwide.

All prices are net and for standard processes.
Additional services according to expenditure.

Fulfillment request

Order flat rate

Printing of invoice / delivery note documents and package labels per package - including standard packaging and filling material (without special packaging) - dispatch notification to client and end customer including tracking code


Parcel shipping DHL Germany and international up to 31.5 kg - including insurance up to € 500 - including online parcel tracking and proof of delivery - including island surcharges - Dispatch from Mon-Fri daily until 2:30 p.m.

Goods Receipt

Processing of incoming goods within 48 hours - external quantity and quality control - warehouse booking with shop synchronization - goods are made ready for dispatch


Professional, single-type storage on shelves or on pallets - one space or one pallet for each item including variants - optimized use of storage space - no goods with an expiration date, no refrigerated items, no bottle shipping, no hazardous goods.


Check of the return and article - return and booking to the warehouse - disposal if necessary - notification to clients - processing within 3 working days - prices excluding any return costs incurred by the carrier

Set up

Setting up the shop and shipping interface - invoice and delivery note layout - item creation and inventory comparison in fulfillment software - sending e-mails with corresponding customer data

Monthly service fee

Communication and service flat rate for a shop / marketplace interface - if desired, access to fulfillment software - if desired, daily account reconciliation and approval of prepayment orders - invoice dispatch and Datev export and much more

Important item information

Please note that we can only store and ship items that meet the following requirements:
max.dimensions: 590x390x290 mm
max.weight: 30 kg

Additional services

Not every shop and every retailer has standardized processes. We work flexibly and can respond to individual customer requests, including the addition of flyers, unbreakable shipping or the shipping of books and goods. We would be happy to make you an individual offer.