We market your products online

Do you have a new product and have no experience of how to bring it to end customers? Are you a manufacturer and have so far only been able to map B2B in your company? You don't have the time, the staff and the skills to build an online business with all its pitfalls and legal requirements?

If you could answer at least one of these questions with yes, then our full-service product marketing is the solution for you.

We have been in e-commerce for over 15 years and have enough experience in our team how to sell products online. You no longer have to worry your head about the following problems, benefits and services:

Shop system, customer service, bounce rates, loading times, usability, abandoned purchases, shop updates, payment methods, hosting, data protection (GDPR), encrypted connections, terms and conditions, imprint, warnings, search engine optimization, social media links, national and international shipping, returns, newsletters, customer service, payment , Invoicing and credits, online marketing, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook & Instagram Shop, visitor statistics and evaluations, personalized and product-related email marketing, pick & pack, shipping, returns management, branding, secure and insured storage, development of marketing -Campaigns, fees and establishment of marketplaces and price comparison portals, cross selling, up selling, intermediaries ...

Simple model for product marketing *
Basic fee: € 49.95 per month
Sales commission: 40% (surcharge on our net purchase price) - including sales fees of the marketplaces
Storage: € 12.00 per cubic meter per month
Order fee: € 0.00
Pick & Pack: € 0.00

If the products are to be sold in our own branded shop created by us, the basic fee is € 84.95 per month. The sale is then also on our account.

Your goods will be delivered without commission, we offer them on the following platforms: emoose Shop, Amazon, ebay, real.de, Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping and Idealo.

The goods sold are billed monthly. Of course, the online prices are coordinated with the producer or supplier. The calculation of the storage fees is calculated daily based on the average inventory level. 

If you are already a fulfillment customer of ours and would like to take advantage of this service, that's no problem. Sales are synced to your inventory, so you can't sell more than what is in stock. 

Your advantages:

  • one contact person for everything
  • approx. 50,000 euros saved (costs for opening an online shop) 
  • short-term implementation

* We reserve the right not to sell certain products or product categories. The service is monthly. terminable. The prices are net plus VAT. Additional lines according to expenditure, excluding budget for online ads (Google, social media) 


Would you like to get into the online business?

We are happy to answer your questions and advise you.