The incoming goods regulations must be observed for each delivery. The processing of undeclared goods receipts can be delayed by 2-3 working days.

Incoming goods regulations

The following points must be observed when delivering goods to emoose:

  • The dealer is responsible for the undamaged delivery of the goods.
  • The goods receiving times are on working days (Mon-Fri) from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • The address is: emoose GmbH, Heinrich-Barth-Str. 15, D-66115 Saarbrucken
  • Every delivery must be accompanied by a delivery note or an invoice listing the items and quantities.
  • All items must be clearly identifiable and can be assigned to the shop items. The article numbers as they are used in the shop must be listed on the delivery note or invoice. If products are delivered by third parties and these have different names and article numbers, it is imperative to submit a delivery note with the shop and dealer article numbers for comparison.
  • Goods in cardboard boxes should be delivered sorted, in the case of mixed cardboard boxes, the contents must be labeled externally.
  • Products in sealable containers must be properly sealed.
  • Parcels must not weigh more than 30 kg and the max. Dimensions are 590x390x290 mm.
  • Standard EUR pallets (120 × 80 cm) must not exceed a maximum height of 160 cm and a total weight of 1,000 kg. Only EURO pallets are ever exchanged. These must be in perfect condition on the outside and must not have any of the defects.
  • The products should have an EAN code, but it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Only duty-paid goods may be delivered.

If the above points are not observed, the additional effort will be charged and the processing of the incoming goods will be delayed by 2-3 working days.

Notes on the delivery of organic products

  • A currently valid certification of a control body is available, this must be sent once as a PDF.
  • There is a currently valid organic certificate from the supplier, which must be sent once as a PDF.
  • Organic products must be packed and sealed in accordance with Article 31 of Regulation (EC) 889/2008 in such a way that “the contents cannot be exchanged without manipulation or destruction of the seal / seal.
  • Organic products must be clearly identified on the delivery note or the invoice.
  • The name and / or code number of the inspection authority or inspection body must appear on the delivery note or invoice for each product.
  • The dealer is responsible for the legally correct labeling of the products and the designation in the shop.

The placing on the market or the offering and advertising of organic products without being certified as an online retailer by a control body itself constitutes a violation of Article 28 of the EC Organic Regulation that is subject to competition law and a warning.

When delivering organic products, the incoming goods regulations for organic products must be observed. If this is not the case, we are legally obliged by the inspection bodies to block the goods receipt unannounced until clarification for an indefinite period.

Why it makes sense to announce the delivery of the goods

An announcement of the shipment is not absolutely necessary, however we recommend this in advance for the following reasons:

  1. because of the planning
  2. to compare the number of packages and pallets
  3. the goods receipt can be processed faster
  4. we can determine differences directly on delivery, afterwards this is no longer possible
  5. After processing the goods receipt, a message is sent from us

Please note: Customers who do not use this function will not receive a separate note after receiving the goods. They then have to independently view and check the incoming goods documents in their personal customer folder.